My experience blogging–end of the semester wrap up

Blogging never really seemed to interest me but when I found out I needed to learn how to do it for my class, I knew I had to tackle it head on. Choosing my topic was difficult, but my love for politics couldn’t escape me. College Political perspectives has been a blast to work with, and a lot of fun to write.

A lot of the challenges came from coming up with original content for this blog, but I feel that’s what made it all the more interesting. Sure, this blog gave me headaches and anxiety at times when it came to picking topics and making it relevant to my community, but in the end, the challenge was accepted.

For me, Facebook was the most effective way of getting my blog views. Facebook has always been more of an intimate platform, and all my family and friends were able to support me from the start. Twitter was a good way to advertise myself as well, but Facebook was more effective for me. For content, I would love to have more interviews in the future for this blog. It was challenging and sometimes impossible since I am a college student, but I know the summer will give me more time to focus on more intimate content.

This blog will certainly be on my resume in the future. I’ve learned so much more about writing and connecting through this experience. I’ve leaned not only how to blog, but how to build a WordPress site as well. Hopefully future businesses look at this as an asset to my skills and knowledge of media and interaction.

So my most popular week was during the rally at Texas State for free education. The intimacy of this post got me a lot of media attention, especially on Twitter where I had multiple news outlets contacting me for my videos and images of the protest. For just a short time, I felt like a celebrity with purpose. I felt my content was actually being used to show people about what exactly can and does happen on a college campus. This was the highlight of my blogging experience and I will continue to put on more intimate content of my school in the future.

Overall, I have loved this experience and will continue to work on my blog as an asset for my future. I’ve learned a lot about networking and connecting and I will most certainly be using these skills in the future.

And don’t worry, College Political Perspectives will live on.


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