Kasich Drops: Is Trump the future?

Right after I wrote my last post on Texas Senator Ted Cruz dropping out of the presidential race, I received a notification on my phone stating Ohio Governor John Kasich was suspending his campaign as well. I’ll link that post here just in case you missed it.

Photo credits: Politico

Kasich Drops 

If you would have asked me four months ago if John Kasich would still be in the race by May, I would have said you’re crazy. But, after hard work, dedication, and a message of unity from a divided republican party, Kasich seemed to be the candidate that represented the GOP well. Not too radical, not too outspoken. Just a respectable conservative man with Christian values who had a positive outlook for the future of his party. He avoided negative commentary and spoke with optimism. To me, Kasich was the happy median in the republican race, and that was his selling point for his supporters.

I firmly believed that if Ted Cruz wouldn’t have dropped out, Kasich would have stayed in, especially after the two teamed up last week in an attempt to stop Trump’s delegate lead going into the convention. There is no coincidence that less than a day after Cruz suspended his campaign, Kasich followed in his footsteps. Although only receive 153 delegates, Kasich ended his campaign in forth place behind Marco Rubio, who ended his presidential bid in March. Mathematically, it was impossible for Kasich to win the nomination and has been that way for months. Regardless, the Governor made it this far.


It’s clear after Indiana that Trump has basically secured the nomination by his delegate count. But can Trump still lose at the convention? Since Cruz and Kasich only suspended their campaigns, they are technically still in the race. But, after Indiana, it is almost mathematically impossible for that to happen. As it stands right now, Trump will likely win the nomination.

Photo Credits: The New York Times 

Trump and the Media 

Donald Trump has not secured all 1,237 delegates to win the nomination, but after the suspension of the remaining candidates campaigns, there isn’t much stopping Trump from winning. The only real thing stopping Trump from securing the nomination in June, is how hard the #NeverTrump campaign can really affect the remaining republican voters in the West.

Photo Credits: The New York Times 

The media has been in the light of some controversy with how explicitly certain news outlets follow the Trump campaign. But can you really blame the media? They need ratings to stay relevant, and Trump gives high ratings. Well, actually, there is some room for argument. The New York Times reported that trump earned $400 million in free media last month, which amounts to the amount of money John McCain spent in his entire 2008 presidential run. In February alone, Trump had more media coverage than Clinton and Cruz combined. Trump’s immense support can lightly be traced back to media coverage. There isn’t a day that goes by where a story about Trump’s campaign is circulating around the internet. But who am I to criticize? On my blog alone, Trump is mentioned probably 100 times. The truth is, his principles, speech, demeanor, and policy all give him the spotlight. Trump is controversial and people like that. It is what has made this campaign trail so exciting and crazy all at the same time. After all this one thing is certain: Trump will be the republican nominee for President of the United States.


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