Cruz Drops Out- analysis and Thought

After the Indiana primary last night, Tuesday May 3, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign for President of the United States. But with Indiana being a must win state for Cruz, is anyone really surprised the Senator dropped? Well, a little. Especially after joining forces with Ohio Governor John Kasich last week to stop Trump.

Photo Credits: Politico 

Cruz and Kasich

About a week ago, Ted Cruz and John Kasich both released statements issuing an alliance in a last minute effort to keep Republican frontrunner Donald Trump from winning the nomination. In the statements, it was clear that Cruz would focus on Indiana, while Kasich focused on Oregon and New Mexico. If both candidates won the states, they would have been able to deny Trump over 1,000 delegates, hindering the republican frontrunner from getting the nomination.


Unfortunately, after Trump’s win in Indiana, it is mathematically impossible for Cruz to win the nomination with the remaining delegates. Even though Cruz has explicitly stated he would stay in the race until the convention, it is clear the Senator doesn’t believe anyone can stop Trump from taking the Republican nomination. Going into Indiana, Trump only needed to win 60 percent of the remaining delegates to get the nomination, while Cruz needed a near impossible 90 percent. Kasich has been mathematically out of the race for quite some time. So why hasn’t the Ohio governor dropped? In reality, the race to the white house for the Republican party is now officially over. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Kasich drop after loses in Oregon and New Mexico.

Here is a good link of a delegate tracker for all those interested in the exact numbers.

Cruz Fiorina wasn’t enough

Before Indiana, Cruz announced Carly Fiorina as his VP running mate. This was an unusual move by the Senator as most candidates don’t officially state their running mate until after the nomination for the party is solidified. This can be seen more as a strategic move, as Fiorina was the 2010 Republican senatorial nominee in California. With California coming up on June 7, Cruz was clearly trying to win over as many republican voters as possible in a desperate move to stop Trump. And overall, this move by Cruz was just that: desperate. The Fiorina move seemed to backfire on Cruz as a video went viral of her slipping on stage during the Indiana campaign trail, foreshadowing the inevitable fall of Cruz’s campaign, and his decision to pick Fiorina as a running mate to pick up last minute votes.

Photo Credits: Politico 

Concluding Thoughts

At this point in the campaign trail, it is safe to say Donald Trump has solidified the nomination for the Republican party. In my personal opinion, Cruz shouldn’t have dropped out of the race. Even if the Senator and Kasich could scavenge some remaining delegates, it would have been easier to fight Trump for the nominate at the convention. With Kasich now moments away from suspending his campaign, it is clear that American has voted. Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

Photo Credits: Politico 

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