College Republican Q and A

A few weeks ago I did a Q and A with a college student who is part of the democratic party and I am happy to announce that today I will continue that same trend with an interview with a college republican.

Sarah Haley is a Junior at Texas State who is a member of the college republicans on campus. Sarah is studying Public Relations with a minor in Political Science and shared some of her thoughts with me on the upcoming election. Thanks for your time Sarah! I had a great time with the interview and I’m glad you’re taking part in this upcoming election. Sarah said she supports and will vote for Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Q: Thanks for coming on my blog Sarah, it means a lot! So I’m assuming this will be the first time you will be able to vote in a presidential election. How excited are you about participating in the future of this country?

A: No problem at all! Happy to help out!
This will be my first time, although, I could have voted when Obama went into office, but I was a stupid high school student who didn’t vote and didn’t realize the opportunity I was missing out on. So for the upcoming election I am super excited to participate on who our next future president could be!

Q: I know you’re active with the college republicans, which is always good to hear you’re active politically. If you don’t mind me asking, who are looking to vote for in the upcoming election?

A: Yes I really love being involved with CR. I’ll be voting for Ted Cruz if he makes it! (Fingers crossed) Although if he doesn’t make it I plan on sticking with the Republican Party nominee, but I think the rest of the U.S. agrees that they do not know what they will do if Trump is the Republican nominee.

Q: What is it about Senator Cruz that sticks out to you the most?

A: I love that he is from Texas and he sees first hand the issues we face here, specifically the border. While I do not mind people wanting to come here for a better life, I just wish it would happen legally so they can be apart of everything that citizenship entails. One of the things Cruz has spoken about is how he deals with several people jumping through the hoops to try to get into this country legally, but do not get to come because of the influx of people coming here illegally. He sticks to the constitution, he’s of the Christian faith, he’s for the second amendment, great foreign policy, he wants to rebuild the military again after its resent cuts, and along with several other reasons he connects well to his constituents which makes him appealing as a presidential nominee.

Q: I know immigration is a very hot topic for this election. Trump has said he is for building a wall across the border of Mexico to help combat illegal immigration. Some will say this is a radical approach to the issue. Is a wall spanning across the border a viable solution in your eyes?

A: It’s hard to say what exactly could work. There is already some infrastructure throughout the border and possibly getting more would work but just a wall will not handle the situation like Trump said. I feel like there needs to be a higher number of border patrol and more strict enforcement because you see articles of people easily coming over to the US. I feel like it’s the lack of enforcement.  Of course I do not know the best answer but several different things need to happen to get control of the issue.

Sarah Haley (left) with College Republican members.

Q: Hilary is leading the democratic party and Bernie Sanders is starting to get a little momentum. If Cruz wins the nomination, are you confident in the Senators ability to win the nation from Hilary or Bernie?

A: I’m not confident but I am really hopeful. I’m especially hoping that people will see how Hillary should not even be in the running because of her whole email scandal, which mirrors a situation of a former public official who did a similar thing and went to jail because of it. Since we will be coming of a democratic president, hopefully that will favor a republican like Cruz.

Q: Cruz is slowly sneaking up behind Trump in the delegate race. Moving into the west coast, how pivotal is it for you candidate to secure the closing delegates?

A: It’s very important that Cruz wins the west coast states because like you said they are close in delegates and whether he wins will contribute to whether he will be the nominee over Trump.

Q: Lets talk about your experience in the college republicans. I know even though we’re in Texas, it may seem that republicans are outnumbered on a college campus like ours. How has the diversity here at Texas State helped form your political ideology?

A: It can be very intimidating at times being on a democratic dominated campus because you don’t want to cause controversy or offend someone. It has definitely helped me because it has opened myself up to a wide variety of ideas and it has allowed me to see how others view different issues.

Q: Tomorrow is the march on campus for free education at Old Main. Will you be participating this event that protests college tuition?

A: I will not be participating in the event however, I am glad that students are coming together on an issue they feel is important. Free college is not possible. Money has to come from somewhere to fund the faculty, facilities, and everything else. While I understand their frustration with the burden of insanely high tuition rates, college is not free and it never can be. Unfortunately that is not realistic.

Q: In the near future, candidates will be debating on a stage, party vs. party. What are you looking for in these debates from Cruz? How will he stay composed under pressure against the likes of Trump and the democrats?

A: I’m looking for him to be level headed, passionate, confident and strong. He doesn’t need to attack Trump because that doesn’t look good. He needs to stick to his issues and try to stick to how he can help the US. Stooping down to Trumps arrogant, self-absorbed ways will not help him in the election process it will only bring him down to his level and hurt him in the long run. I’m not sure how he can stay composed against Trump because that’s a hard thing to do, but I’m hoping he will put his mind over matter and realize that his composure is key in matters like this. Whether he keeps his composure through this race will show if he can handle being the president.

Q: Lastly, what would you tell any undecided republican voters that Cruz is the way to go?

A: I would tell them that he has history in politics unlike Trump and while that is appealing to some people, you don’t want a doctor without any medical history or a CEO without any business experience. I would point out that he’s a fellow Texas, he sticks to the constitution, and a lot of the reasons I listed in the 3rd question!


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