Super Tuesday 2: Thoughts

I wont go through every single state, but I do want to go over the ones that are extremely pivotal for this election. Super Tuesday was once again not a disappointment! Enjoy.


The main story in Florida tonight is Rubio vs. Trump. Florida Senator Marco Rubio suspends his presidential campaign after a hard loss in his home state to the unstoppable Donald Trump. Going into Super Tuesday, it was evident Rubio absolutely needed to take the win in his home state in order to keep his head above the water in this race. Florida being a winner-take-all state means Trump swooped all 99 delegates for the night. Rubio wasted no time with the future of his campaign as he announced his suspension less than an hour after the loss in Florida.

“And so, while it is not God’s plan that I be president in 2016, or maybe ever, and while today the campaign is suspended, the fact that I’ve ever come this far is evidence of how great America is,” Rubio said after his loss.


Realistically, Ohio Governor John Kasich doesn’t have a snowballs chance in this election, but the win in his home state of Ohio shows that Donald Trump has a weak spot. Governor Kasich stated early this month that if he didn’t run away with his home state, he would drop out of the race. The Governor takes 66 delegates from Ohio, pushing him along.

During his interview on CNN, Kasich speaks with optimism about the future of his campaign.
“I’m very happy and we’ve run a positive campaign,” Kasich said. “I’m so appreciative for the state of Ohio. We’re lining up great political support. It’s a real election for someone who knows how to fix the country and the economy. I’ve had more attention in the last 3 weeks then I’ve had in the last 3 months.”

With optimism, the governor will look to the future of the race, but realistically, Ohio showed that Trump doesn’t have immense support everywhere and will not help Kasich progress in this race. The Governor just doesn’t stand a realistic chance against Trump or Cruz.


Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio:
Hilary Clinton sweeps Senator Bernie Sanders in these three states surely putting pressure on the Vermont Senator to drop out of the race. Going into today’s election, Sanders desperately needed to win these states to ensure that he can keep up with Clinton. With a projected dominating win for Clinton, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sanders drops out soon. At this point in time, Clinton should be focusing on the fight against who the republican nominee will be.


“Our campaign has more votes than any other candidate, democrat or republican,” Clinton said at her victory speech. “You voted for our tomorrow to be better than our yesterday.

Trump’s dominating wins tonight goes to show that his support continues to grow despite the controversies that revolve around his campaign. At this rate, no other republican candidate has a real chance of taking the nomination. Trump is winning big in virtually every state and at this point in time, he should be focusing on the fight against Clinton.

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Clinton has basically solidified the nomination for the democratic party, showing her absolute dominance over Senator Sanders tonight. The Vermont Senator had a fighting chance going into tonight, but with Clinton’s marginal lead in votes and delegates, I would not be surprised if Sanders drops out of the race within the next few weeks.

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Super Tuesday was exciting once again. Rubio had a fighting chance, but failed to take his home state. Kasich’s win in Ohio just showed Trump is mortal in this election, however, the Ohio Governor doesn’t stand a fighting chance in the future of this election. Clinton has basically solidified her reign over both democrats and republicans, showing that she even has a marginal lead over Trump in votes and delegates. I know I said this in the last Super Tuesday post, but I am still heavily predicting a Clinton, Trump election.

These are just some of my observations on tonight. After today, the election is moving to a new direction. It’ll be exciting to see who still stands by the turn of next month. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Super Tuesday. God Bless.

-Exsar Misael


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