Chicago was Inevitable

The big headline this week is the protest gone violent during republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s rally in the city of Chicago Friday night. The response of the protest from social media and news networks has been compelling in showing what exactly went wrong in Chicago.

Last night can be seen as a formulated and communicated attempt to ruin Trump’s campaign. The protestors, which engulfed large sections of the arena, began chanting “We shut shit down,” and “We stumped Trump.” Eventually leading to violence between Trump supporters and protestors, 5 people were arrested and several injured in the midst of the confrontation.

Photo Credits: Alyssa Schukar of The New York Times 

The purpose of me writing this isn’t exactly to highlight the events that happened last night—virtually every news source has done that already. I’m here to dissect the formation of last night, and eventually state the inevitable: a protest of this magnitude at a Trump rally is frankly overdue and not very surprising to say the least.

First, let us highlight some of Mr. Trump’s policies within the past 8 months of his campaign. For one, Trump has publicly stated that Mexico is bringing in their worst citizens, calling them rapists and criminals. His immigration plan revolves around building a wall at the southern border in an attempt to stop illegal immigration. The billionaire has also proposed a plan to send all Muslim’s out of the United States, and preventing anyone that practices Islam to enter the country. Earlier this month, Mr. Trump seemed to know nothing about Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke, after the leader of the white supremacy hate group endorsed the republican frontrunner. However, in 2000, Donald Trump refused to run for president for the Reform Party, which at the time, included Duke.

Singer of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong shows support for Chicago protest on Instagram. 

So a lot of the highlighted points I’m sure you know about to great detail. These are just some of the issues that convey a negative feeling to Donald Trump and his supporters. The man has earned a reputation of saying offensive, negligent commentary which has triggered to great support. Let’s face it, Trump supporters aren’t voting for the man because of his lackluster policies that contain no true value and substance to them. His support strictly comes from the hate and controversy his statements convey.


The protest in Chicago is just evidence the boiling pot has finally spilled over. From the beginning of this blog I’ve always tried to keep my personal opinions out the mix, but I think for this post I’ll have to share a little but of my own insight. Donald Trump’s values do not support the core of what America is about. Immigration is a problem. A huge problem. But where the business man went wrong is labeling Hispanics as rapists and criminals. Islamic extremism is a problem, but labeling ALL Muslims as terrorists is in itself a racial and ignorant stance to take.


Trump’s ability to sway people into believing that certain ethnic groups must be labeled as X, Y and Z inevitably leads to conflict. The radical thinking of Trump and his supports is what allows Chicago to happen. “Make America Great Again” is evident of the negatively and hate that this campaign is built on. Conveying that the country isn’t great, and hasn’t been for a great deal of time.

As a university student, I must say, America is pretty great. I have rights, opportunity, education, and the ability to have my voice heard. I am autonomous because this great nation allows me to do so. Of course, there are major issues in America, and I am not clouding those whatsoever. But to imply that America isn’t great anymore, is a slap in the face for people like me who do not take this freedom for granted.

Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter response to last nights protest. 

Trump is exactly what the Republican party doesn’t need if they want a chance of beating the Democrats in this election. Demeaning language, radical thinking, and all around ignorance isn’t what this country needs at such a sensitive time.

Chicago was inevitable. The hate and the frustration built up by the American’s that don’t support Trump was shown last night. I will not be surprised if this isn’t the last act of violence we see at Trump rally.

There is a major positive I see from the media coverage last night. With Trump highlighting the media on a daily basis, I see it fit that the other side of the spectrum was finally shown. Other than seeing the constant support Trump receives, last night was a prime opportunity to show the world that there is a significant amount of people that do not support the ideas that surround Trump.

Photo Credit to CNN Reporter @JDiamond1

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