Bernie Sanders’ visit to Austin: My Thoughts

Photo Credits to Daryl Ontiveros. Check out his Instagram: @Casually_Revis

Vermont Senator and democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders held a last minute rally in the heart of Texas’ most liberal and democratic city, Austin. This is a very unusual but respectable move by Senator Sanders as he tries to pull in some last minute undecided voters before Super Tuesday on March 1.

The Senator rallied a total of 10,000 people on a hot Saturday morning in Austin, Texas. The numbers he attracted are impressive to say the least, especially for being such a last minute event.

It’s no secret that Austin, Texas is the states democratic and liberal hotspot, holding some merit to why Sanders came to the Hill Country. KVUE ABC reported democratic frontrunner Hilary Clinton is leading the polls in Texas 61 percent to Sanders’ 32 percent. Seven percent is undecided, and that is exactly what the Vermont Senator was hoping to accomplish in the primarily republican state of Texas.

Photo Credits to Daryl Ontiveros. Check out his Instagram: @Casually_Revis

Closing the gap on Clinton’s lead is pivotal if Sanders wants a chance for the nomination. Although statistically, it is impossible to come up ahead in Texas, seven percent is still something, and at this point, Sanders will take any votes he can get.

The Senator took jabs at Clinton during his Austin visit, highlighting the former Secretary of States’ position changes on gay marriage and the Iraq War. For the Senator’s sake, hopefully these small but aggressive political jabs are enough to flip voters.

Geography is also a key component to Sanders’ visit to Austin. As a student at Texas State, I see such a diverse pool of political ideologies. The Hill Country area, which spans from San Antonio to Austin, is the most liberal area of Texas. The underground music scene of Austin, the universities that span throughout this corridor, and the technology the bigger cities have to offer string together a very diverse area of the state. People from around the world come study at the universities throughout this area. The technology boom in Austin is also bringing a wide variety of people from across the country and world. People from the Silicon Valley in California are moving out to Austin for technological jobs as California is getting too expensive to live in. This area is Texas’ future of progress towards a Democratic state, and Bernie Sanders’ campaign knows exactly that.



The rally in Austin to snatch last minute undecided voters was a successful move from the Senator, and it will be interesting to see how much this will help him once the votes are tallied from Super Tuesday.



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