College Political Perspectives aims to convey the emotion, thought process and understanding behind the mind of a college student in a very important political era.  My name is Exsar Misael Arguello, and I am a sophomore at Texas State University studying Journalism and Political Science. More importantly, I am an American passionate about the way the world works and how the actions of the strongest nation in the world positively and negatively affect virtually everything. I am a millennial. That word alone holds so much power for the next few decades. According to the White House, my peers and I make up the largest and most diverse generation in the United States. The power of politics rest in the hands of all young adults in college or in the workforce. Our opinions and voting process will shape the future. That alone is a key reason in composing a blog of this magnitude and importance.


With College Political Perspectives you will receive political insight from a college student. A college student who struggles, lives, learns, accomplishes and falls everyday. I am a millennial and I will shape the future. Come along and enjoy the ride! Interviews, analysis and coverage of major political events will all be covered on this blog. Sit back, relax and enjoy the politics!


Thank you,


Exsar Misael


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